i just don’t get callie, i really don;t get her


The sneak peek for 11x05 Bend and Break makes me so angry at Callie. Everything Arizona is saying is accurate and she’s finally talking about her feelings and Callie just interrupts her and shuts her down. She’s not talking about regretting having a child, she’s talking about Callie not supporting her when it came to Africa and not having time to process the situation fully when Callie got pregnant. Then Callie just brings up the 1 thing Arizona did wrong to shut her down as if the only thing that matters is that Arizona cheated. As if the way Callie treats Arizona means nothing. It’s really disheartening and as a hardcore Calzona shipper I hate to say this but it makes me want something else, something better for Arizona. 

Obviously there is a whole episode and the sneak peek is just a small snapshot but it’s hard to watch.


i should really stop developing crushes on people i can’t touch

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Anonymous asked:
why do you hate callie so much?


I don’t hate Callie, I dislike her.

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By the way, which one of you guys came up with “Muffin Top Judge”?

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I’m back from vacation.

Living in the fantasy, your own reality, a callamity for the world to see, on a cover of the magazine. A story-book tragedy, total insanity. It’s everything you wanna be.

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