Living in the fantasy, your own reality, a callamity for the world to see, on a cover of the magazine. A story-book tragedy, total insanity. It’s everything you wanna be.

nick and jess sitting next to each other

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"I’ll pull a Justin." - Ellen Pompeo [requested by drtessarosetorres​]

guys will you PLEASE watch this video :) I made it for a magazine and I’d really appreciate you watching it! issue comes out on friday x

29 days until the Queen’s return

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"Cobie is the perfect combination of all things that a woman should be. She’s gorgeous, she’s funny, she’s Canadian— which makes her chill, and like nice and grounded. She’ll be the one that brings like nine coffees in the morning to all the makeup and hair women, when she arrives. And we’re all like “Really, Cobie? You’re that awesome that you just make us all look bad?” And she means it! She doesn’t do it for agenda, she doesn’t do it ‘cause she wants anything, she’s just always nice."

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